There are many benefits to joining a student design team. Learn invaluable engineering skills, meet likeminded and talented people, gain experience to put on a resume, and have fun. Join us, and you can even call yourself a rocket scientist. Our team is open to all, with no prior experience needed. At Waterloo Rocketry, we design, build, test, and launch rockets to altitudes of 30,000 feet. As a member of our team, you will have opportunities to make meaningful contributions to our projects, irrespective of your current experience level.


Use this sign up form to get started. We'll send you an invite to our Slack workspace, the team's main form of communication. If you haven't already, you can also join our Facebook group for important updates and announcements regarding the team.


The only requirement to join the team is to be a student at the University of Waterloo. No prior experience is required, and there is no application process. The team is open and welcome to everyone, not just engineering students.
There is no "time commitment" that a team member needs to meet. Of course, if you take on work for a project, then it is expected that you communicate with the subteam to ensure it is finished in a reasonable time period. In terms of "hours per week" etc, however, you can put as much or as little in as you wish.
The team is split up into different subteams - for example - electrical, recovery, propulsion, etc. Each subteam has regular meetings, usually once a week, while the entire team gathers for a weekly general meeting. Each subteam is responsible for a different part of the rocket and supporting equipment. A subteam lead supervises the operation of each subteam. You are not restricted to any one subteam; you can be apart of as many as you want. Communication is done primarily through a Slack workspace.
What you start off with will depend on what stage our projects are at, as well as your own preference and comfort level. There is usually a variety of ongoing tasks to choose from. Some examples of past projects that first-years have worked on are:

  • Designing a test operations procedures simulator in Python
  • Sourcing and obtaining sponsorship for components of our data acquisition system
  • Designing part of a scientific experiment measuring radiation throughout flight
  • Machining an aluminium bulkhead for the recovery system
  • Representing the team at high school and university outreach events

Check out our subsytems page for more information. Each subsystem has a "currently working on" section that can provide a better glimpse of available work.
Sure! We don’t mind if you’re on another design team, but there’s no guarantee our meeting times won’t overlap.
To learn about the annual competition we compete in, see our competition page.
To learn about all the subteams our team is comprised of, see our subsystems page.
To learn about the rockets we build each year, see our rockets page.
To learn about our team members, see our team page.
To learn about our past successes, see our awards page.