Waterloo Rocketry is a design team consisting entirely of students, and we love to share our work with the community around us! Outreach remains an important part of our work as we seek to inspire future generations of rocket scientists. Below are some events we've put on in the past, both within the University of Waterloo and in the wider Kitchener-Waterloo region. If you'd be interested in coordinating an outreach event with us, feel free to reach out to us at contact@uwaterloorocketry.com!


Aviation Fun Day is an annual event held by the Region of Waterloo International Airport, featuring all things aviation. Proceeds go to support the Cambridge Self Help Food Bank and The Food Bank of Waterloo Region.

Waterloo Rocketry has displayed rockets that we've flown in the past at this event since 2018, alongside other cool shows like vintage aircraft and classic cars. We demonstrate the our rocket's essential subsystems to the local community. Some systems we've showcased in the past include:

  • our student designed and manufactured combustion chamber
  • our Remote Launch Control System, which is the wireless system we use to carry out launch procedures from afar
  • samples of the solid fuel we've used to power rockets at competition
  • our recovery subsystem, which allows the rocket to land after launching

Check out event details here - or come experience it in person this year, from 10am-4pm on Saturday, June 27th, 2020!


The Model Rocket Competition is an annual event by Waterloo Rocketry. Participants in the event are invited to explore the field of rocketry by designing, building and launching their own model rockets.

Day one consists of a quick introduction to the basics of rocket engineering, such as propulsion and recovery systems, giving students the necessary background to design their own rocket with OpenRocket flight simulation software. We then provide them with the supplies to bring their ideas to life, and students make everything from the airframe to the parachutes. Participants are also encouraged to use any other means of fabrication (at their own expense). The only component that is not student designed and constructed is the solid rocket motor (that would be a challenge beyond the scope of this competition).

Day two of the competition is for rocket launches! Participants get to try to launch and recover their self-built rockets. Flying however tends to be the easy part, and recovery of the rockets is what tends to be more challenging. Rockets are also judged, and prizes are given for criteria such as flight, construction, and appearance.

We hold this event at the beginning of every fall term. Watch out for it by liking our Facebook page. The Model Rocket Competition is a great opportunity for beginners and experts alike to learn and have some fun with rocket science - we invite you to check it out, and hope you have a blast!


The ESQ (Engineering Science Quest) day camp for children is run throughout the summer at University of Waterloo. Children participate in a number of science related actives. One of the activities is to visit with student engineering teams. Over the past years, we have run outreach sessions for over 250 children, most recently in 2018. We have taught them some of the basic principles of rocket design and flown small model rockets with them.

We've also coordinated outreach events with individual groups in the past, tailoring the depth of content we cover to the level of the students we visit. Specific examples include high school presentations, where we showcased Vidar III, and intro to rocketry tutorials for local Air Cadet squadrons.